Food Podcasts are the Best Podcasts


I love food. Can you tell? I like eating it, reading about it, making it, and listening to people talk about it!

Podcasts are incredible and if you don’t know what they are just give it a google, they’ll change your life. Suddenly commutes and walks to class are exciting and informative and great. Also working out becomes way less boring when you can listen to someone talk about cooking and eating while convincing yourself that biking another mile will make you feel good.

I’ve been listening to The Sporkful and Food52’s Burnt Toast podcasts for a while now but just found this amazing Tasting Table article recommending new foodie podcasts and I’m deep into Radio Cherry Bombe as we speak.

I plan on diving into Gastropod and Bon Appetit Foodcast as soon as I have some more time on my hands.

Basically start listening to people talk about food because sometimes your friends won’t want to obsess about salads and pie with you or know exactly who Nancy Silverton and Ina Garden are but someone on a foodie podcast probably will.


Quick (ish) Donuts for Snowstorm Stella


Snow days call for donuts. At least that is what I decided. This quick recipe I found doesn’t call for milk (which we didn’t have) and isn’t time or energy intensive.

I got the recipe here. Ingredient list below! The original recipe calls for cognac or brandy which we skipped.

  • 1 packet dry active yeast (2 1/4 teaspoons)
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1 1/2¬†tablespoons oil + more for frying
  • 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • zest of 1 lemon (if you’re not into a lemony flavor than skip this because the lemon was way more noticeable than I thought it would be)

You just mix everything together in a plastic bag and then put the bag in a bowl of warm water. Yeah, I know, it sounds weird. But then an hour later you have fluffy dough!


We dressed our donuts in powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, and a powdered sugar-milk glaze.


Yum! Go forth and donut.

SF Eats

food, vacation

Over my winter break my girlfriend and I went a visited my mom who just moved to Oakland, CA. We ate SUCH GOOD FOOD. And the BREAD. It was incredible. We learned how to make sourdough and ate everything in sight and it was wonderful. Every vacation I go on I spend weeks beforehand looking up where to eat and drink. It’s one of my favorite activities.

Luckily my gf is a big fan of eating good food so she was happy to try as many restaurants and cafes as possible.

Here’s a few of the things we ate.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Donut from Doughnut Dolly in Temescal


Macaron from Bouchon Bakery

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Lavender honey ice cream from Salt and Straw

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Tacos from Cholita Linda in Temescal

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Burrata and beets from Grand Lake Kitchen

Published on Food52 aka Best Day Ever


About a month ago Food52 made a call for family recipes and I happened to see the post just about right when it went up. I knew my family had an old recipe we always used for Passover and that there was a photo of the recipe card floating around. So I wrote a little something and emailed the recipe to Food52. A couple weeks ago my recipe was published along with the photos the Food52 team took when they made it in their test kitchen.

I’m so excited about it! Hopefully this will lead to more published work of mine out in the world somewhere besides my blog. But for now I’m just thrilled that this recipe is out there.

This recipe is for Aunt Paula’s Carrot Ring, a staple at my family’s Passover table.


The wonderful team over at Food52 even baked and photographed my family’s recipe!


I don’t think the carrot ring has ever looked so beautiful.

Breakfast Latkes


Latkes are best eaten at any hour of the day all year round. Expect every year I say I should eat latkes more often and then don’t. Which honestly might be for the best because fried potatoes aren’t exactly nutritious.

But, tis the season for latkes so I whipped up a batch this morning and made some sunny-side up eggs to make it more healthy. That’s how health works right?

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My latke recipe is not a recipe. Grate potatoes, slice onions, add eggs, salt, and pepper. Add a little flour for binding and the fry in about 1/8 inch of oil. I scoop out the mix with hands and give it a little squeeze to wring out the excess liquid.

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I like my latkes crispy around the edges and golden brown. I usually make them pretty thin, they’re not very pancake-ey. Mushy latkes that are more like puddles of fried mashed potatoes are not my cup of tea.

New Camera//Chicken with tons of Lemon


I got a new camera as a graduation present (even though I don’t graduate for a while) and I’m so so so excited about it but have SO MUCH to learn.

I now want to photograph everything and every time I pick up the camera I realize how much I need to learn. I don’t know how to take amazing photos of food or anything yet and all I really know is that the lighting sucks everywhere and is going to be my biggest challenge when trying to take great food photos at school.

But I did manage to take some photos I’m proud of. I made this chicken in a cast iron pan with onions, garlic, and lots of lemon slices. It was so good. Onions and lemon are a wonderful pairing.


LOOK AT THAT LEMON. It’s SO PRETTY. I could never ever have taken a photo like this on just my phone. Or maybe I could have but I really don’t know how.


Food photography is difficult. Not just because of the food but also styling it and setting up nice backdrops. Clearly this isn’t great, I mean the wood on wood is strange looking but I’m just so excited about the new potential to take great food photos.

Working my way through Molly on the Range

Molly on the Range, Uncategorized

I really really love Molly Yeh’s new cookbook. I’ve been trying to cook as many of her recipes as I possibly can and even though I’m cooking from a campus kitchen I think it’s been going pretty well. But now I’m home for Thanksgiving and thought it would be nice to make my family some blintzes from Molly on the Range and take some photos lit by actual sunshine and not florescent bulbs.

You can find the recipe for these blintzes in Molly on the Range which you should have already bought but if you haven’t you can find it here!

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I loved blintzes as a kid and my mom always bought the same brand but then they stopped selling them at whatever store she had been going to. It was a tragedy and I’m not sure why I didn’t think to make my own since I’ve been making crepes myself for years. These taste exactly like the kind I used to eat and make me feel nostalgic and very full. I like when I try a recipe and it tastes the way I imagine it should in my head. I tried out Molly’s chicken pot pie recipe once and had the same experience.

So if you’ve learned anything from this post it’s that you should buy Molly’s book and make blintzes all the time.

P.S. I also tried Molly’s schnitzel recipe from the book and her fried brussels sprouts from the blog and they were great but I don’t have photos due to the aforementioned terrible lighting in my campus housing.