Food Podcasts are the Best Podcasts


I love food. Can you tell? I like eating it, reading about it, making it, and listening to people talk about it!

Podcasts are incredible and if you don’t know what they are just give it a google, they’ll change your life. Suddenly commutes and walks to class are exciting and informative and great. Also working out becomes way less boring when you can listen to someone talk about cooking and eating while convincing yourself that biking another mile will make you feel good.

I’ve been listening to The Sporkful and Food52’s Burnt Toast podcasts for a while now but just found this amazing Tasting Table article recommending new foodie podcasts and I’m deep into Radio Cherry Bombe as we speak.

I plan on diving into Gastropod and Bon Appetit Foodcast as soon as I have some more time on my hands.

Basically start listening to people talk about food because sometimes your friends won’t want to obsess about salads and pie with you or know exactly who Nancy Silverton and Ina Garden are but someone on a foodie podcast probably will.


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