Published on Food52 aka Best Day Ever


About a month ago Food52 made a call for family recipes and I happened to see the post just about right when it went up. I knew my family had an old recipe we always used for Passover and that there was a photo of the recipe card floating around. So I wrote a little something and emailed the recipe to Food52. A couple weeks ago my recipe was published along with the photos the Food52 team took when they made it in their test kitchen.

I’m so excited about it! Hopefully this will lead to more published work of mine out in the world somewhere besides my blog. But for now I’m just thrilled that this recipe is out there.

This recipe is for Aunt Paula’s Carrot Ring, a staple at my family’s Passover table.


The wonderful team over at Food52 even baked and photographed my family’s recipe!


I don’t think the carrot ring has ever looked so beautiful.


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