New Camera//Chicken with tons of Lemon


I got a new camera as a graduation present (even though I don’t graduate for a while) and I’m so so so excited about it but have SO MUCH to learn.

I now want to photograph everything and every time I pick up the camera I realize how much I need to learn. I don’t know how to take amazing photos of food or anything yet and all I really know is that the lighting sucks everywhere and is going to be my biggest challenge when trying to take great food photos at school.

But I did manage to take some photos I’m proud of. I made this chicken in a cast iron pan with onions, garlic, and lots of lemon slices. It was so good. Onions and lemon are a wonderful pairing.


LOOK AT THAT LEMON. It’s SO PRETTY. I could never ever have taken a photo like this on just my phone. Or maybe I could have but I really don’t know how.


Food photography is difficult. Not just because of the food but also styling it and setting up nice backdrops. Clearly this isn’t great, I mean the wood on wood is strange looking but I’m just so excited about the new potential to take great food photos.


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