Things I’ve Eaten

food, summer, this and that

In addition to the cooking I’ve been doing, I also have eaten a fair amount of food I had no hand in making!

The mac in the upper left-hand-corner of the fancy collage wordpress created for me is from Philly’s very own Mac Mart! It was pretty good, more of an American cheesy sauce than I usually like but their topping options are fun and it makes for a very attractive and yummy dish which definitely visually lives up to the hype. If you haven’t checked out their instagram you definitely should.

Also featured in this lovely collage is some pizza I got from some place I can’t remember the name of down by Smorgasburg, a lovely food/drink plaza set up by South Street Seaport. You’ll notice I only have two pictures of tacos but don’t worry these are only some of the tacos I’ve eaten this summer.

It’s really hot out and I don’t want to cook or blog or do much of anything but let’s see how well I do with the last month-ish before I go back to school.


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