Visit to Hudson


Yesterday I took a trip to Hudson New York just to eat and walk around. This town is strange, it has great architecture, cute niche stores, and yummy restaurants, but no one was around. There were a few people we passed on the street and some stores had maybe one other person in them. But it was so empty! Now granted a Friday in the middle of the day is probably not the busiest time but it was still strange.

We ate at Cafe La Perche which has amazing pastries, jam, and omelets. The coffee was delicious and I was the happiest camper.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Also I took this picture and wouldn’t let my girlfriend eat her croissant until I had snapped the pic. She wasn’t thrilled about it but when she saw the photo later admitted it was worth it. I’m just proud of my improving food photography abilities.

Hudson has so many cute stores be sure to just walk up and down Warren Street for a bunch of clothing, antique, coffee, and random stuff stores. I swear there were at least 5 places boasting coffee and something else. We went to a coffee and motorcycle shop! It was called Moto and was super modern and cool.

If you’re planning a trip check out this site for great places to eat and shop.


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