Portland Post #1

food, vacation

I said we were going to Portland for spring break and here we are!

So far we’ve eaten and wandered around. And bought books at the famous Powell’s which is HUGE. I know its a full block and multiple floors but you don’t know how big that is and how many books that is until you’re there staring at shelf after shelf of ever book ever.

Now the food here is amazing. Obviously. Why else would I be here.

First day we ate breakfast at Bijou Cafe. I had this veggie hash thing with eggs. Subtly spicy and very delicious.

Then we went to dinner at Irving Street Kitchen which is a wonderful place. Had great food but the lighting in dim so I didn’t bother to try and take pictures with my phone since they would have been terrible anyway. They served water out of glass bottles and shelves of books separated the tables.

Breakfast today was at Pearl Bakery. My mom and sister ordered almost every pastry.

We wandered around and stopped and sat in a coffee shop. Then headed back to the hotel and got distracted by all the food trucks. Grabbed a quick falafel for the road.

And that brings us to now. Where I sit and look at the rain. Because it is after all Portland and the sun we had yesterday was probably the only sun we’ll see for a week. I think I need to move here. Look out for my next Portland post.


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