LINKS 11/21


I’ve mentioned this blog before I think but tomorrow a friend and I have plans to take Soho by storm and eat our way across the southern tip of manhattan thanks to suggestions from New York Bites Blog. check it out!

I LOVE Italian rainbow cookies and whole cake of it sounds AMAZING. I know I link to Molly’s blog a lot but she makes such yummy things and takes great pictures.

I am super excited for Thanksgiving and can’t wait to go upstate and eat my family’s traditional Thanksgiving. We always always have cornbread pudding and brussel sprouts. My aunt makes pumpkin cheesecake because it’s sooo much better than pumpkin pie.

What do you have on Thanksgiving?


2 thoughts on “LINKS 11/21

    1. We checked out Everyman Espresso and Mimi Cheng’s ! They were both amazing and I’m working on a post right now about our trip. Thanks for the eating tips!

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