Olive Oil

DIY, hair


I have tried many different products to make my hair feel softer. The summer can be so hard on my hair between dying it to have blonder ombre for the warmer weather and spending hours in pools and rivers. Chlorine absolutely wrecks my hair and the Hudson River isn’t exactly gentle on blonde hair. I tend to end up with greener hair from the river than from chlorine filled pools.

Coconut oil is great for shaving and general moisturizing but I didn’t see that much of a difference when I used it in my hair. Finally I decided to soak most of my hair in olive oil and let it sit for about 15 minutes before jumping in the shower. The little bit I had left in the bowl I rubbed on my arms and shoulders which left my skin silky smooth.

My hair felt SO SOFT after I shampooed and conditioned the way I always do. My hair dried normally and was noticeably softer. I don’t see a reason why you would need to use a certain kind of olive oil but mine is from Trader Joe’s. I would recommend a good olive oil soak for anyone whose hair is feeling a bit crunchy this summer.

I put the oil on my scalp because I don’t usually have a problem with really oily hair but if your hair gets oily quickly either keep the olive oil away from your scalp or shampoo several times to ensure the oil is completely out of your hair (I would actually suggest this for everyone because you don’t want to end up with greasy hair AFTER you’ve already showered).


Cosmo has some more beauty tips involving olive oil that you can find here !


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