Fest Best


Governor’s Ball on Randalls Island was absolutely incredible and my friends and I enjoyed it so much. We heard as many bands as possible and danced like crazy. I’ll need some time to recover now as my blisters heal and muscles stop hurting every time I move. Turns out walking and dancing in the sun for 3 days will really take a toll on your body.



Here we are on the second day waiting around in the beautiful evening light waiting for our the next show. I decided to wear a different outfit than originally planned because it was going to be really hot and sitting down in a white dress would have been problematic on the grass/dirt. I wore a loose white button down over this bathing suit and with my boots on I was comfortable and perfectly dressed for lots of dancing.


The first day had the most beautiful weather, the sun was shining the whole day. This is right after we saw Bastille and they were AMAZING. We got really close to the stage and danced and sang along. I’ve been listening to Bastille for a while but they were amazing live and now I can’t wait to see them again which is hopefully going to happen in a couple of months.



A festival isn’t complete without face/body paint and I got a really nice set at Michaels for less than 20 bucks. You need water based paint so that it dries fully and doesn’t smear like oil face paints. Water based paint comes off easily with water (and sweat).


My well dressed festival beauties who I am lucky enough to be friends with. We found the perfect spot behind this gated area where we could see the stage perfectly and comfortably wait for Tyler the Creator.


My face matched my hat! I was really excited about this face paint. It was super easy to do and came out so well if I do say so myself. Also love these glasses from Aldo (similar to these), they go with everything and other people can use them as a mirror (which my friends did frequently for touchups).


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