Governor’s Ball Outfits


My friends and I will be attending Governor’s Ball on Randall’s Island in NYC this year and I am obviously very excited. I already have my outfits picked out and can’t wait to put them on, listen to great music, and spend days outside with friends I haven’t seen in a couple weeks. I’m looking forward especially to hear/see Bastille and The 1975 ! I really can’t wait.


shirt: forever21 / necklace: forever 21 / shorts: urban outfitters / sunglasses: rayban / shoes: converse



shirt: forever21 / shorts: garage / hat: forever21 / sunglasses: aldo / shoes: aldo



dress: forever21 / bathing suit: victoria’s secret / bow: forever21 / shoes: forever21

All of my outfits are mainly from forever21 and are pretty cheap. I think the most expensive item would be my RayBan sunglasses which I received as a gift for my birthday a couple years ago. The shorts from Garage were $30 but I am obsessed with them and they fit me SO WELL. Actually wearing them currently. (Recently I’ve met a bunch of people who have never heard of Garage and that baffles me. They often have random sales and great crop tops and bandeaus. Bathing suits and shorts are often on sale and nothing is ever too expensive) I have so much trouble finding high-waisted shorts that look good on me and these were long enough to cover my butt without making it look extremely flat. They are perfect and go with everything.


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