Sea Salt Beach Hair Spray

DIY, hair


I have always seen recipes for salt hair spray to achieve beachy waves and I finally decided to go get a spray bottle and make my own. I used the Free People recipe for reference although I didn’t really measure anything. It’s super easy to make and uses ingredients you find in your kitchen so it’s much cheaper than any spray you might buy.


bottle: target / coconut oil: trader joe’s / lemons and sea salt: grocery store

This spray is so easy to make. Just heat up some water to dissolve the salt into and add lemon juice and coconut oil. My coconut oil was pretty solid after sitting in a cool place for a while but when I scooped it out and added it to the warm water and salt it melted and mixed right in. I poured the whole mixture into my bottle from Target and now I’m ready to use it next time I shower.

Free People’s recipe doesn’t use lemon juice; they have another recipe for hair lightening spray which has lemon juice and chamomile but I decided to combine the two since I want my hair to get lighter this summer and avoiding chemicals would be ideal.


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