My Hair






I love to curl my hair. I always feel pretty for any occasion if my hair is curled. But not super tight doll curls. I love loose wavy curls that look like they could be natural and as they fall they get even better. I use a want like this one and just wrap my hair around it for a couple of seconds. Sometimes I experiment with how long I hold it and how much hair I use at a time but it all comes out well and I love using a wand. I have never used a clamp hair curler that I liked and those curls always look too fake for my liking. As you can see from the pictures my hair is ombréd which I did myself and I am very proud of it. Maybe if redo it again soon I’ll post pics of that adventure. It’s really not that difficult and I like how it looks when I do it myself much better than I’ve seen some salons do it. Excuse the less than professional quality pictures which are also obviously selfies. When I have really good hair days I like to capture them for posterity.


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